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miércoles, febrero 03, 2016

eReputation Chavista Style

By Charles Leigh

Two weeks ago browsing alek boyd’s blog, I found a very interesting story about the digital spin doctors of the Boliburgoise (Venezuela’s new corrupt elite of businessmen affiliated to the dictatorial regime) dated a couple of years ago. Also found an outstanding piece of investigative journalism by Setty/Steven where he exposes the strategy of a company called Clean Perception, for cleansing the digital reputation of a large list of Venezuelan criminals.

As a Venezuelan born, raised in Holland, I can not be senseless about the situation of extreme desperation lived by my fellow countrymen, caused by 17 years of vorascious pillage by the Chavistas and their business partners in crime. After reviewing in detail, all of the information gathered by these two prominent bloggers, I decided to do an extended and updated research on the matter and here are my findings:

Despite the massive dump of confidential data (client list) done by Alek Boyd on a reverse whois on the email registered to Clean Perception’s domains, the company and their CEO, Rafael Nunez (RaFa the Hacker), seem to have managed to reinvent themselves as a new front for their cyber racketeering operation, MásQueDigital, as it states in the referred article, “a company based in Caracas, that specializes in digital marketing, combining organic solutions with the latest technologies to provide strategic plans that safeguard the reputation of a brand”.

The company has not changed it M.O., since it keeps using their same dummy blogs, exposed over two years ago:,,, and more, to post massive spamdexing on what seems to be a new clientele list. At the same time registering and managing T.L.D.’s and free blogs with the individuals names and keywords.

After browsing through these blogs I found the following names which are alleged new clients of company:
a) Mariano Agustín Diaz Ramirez: International Drug Dealer with an outstanding arrest order and a main partner in Solid Show Productions. This client seems to be in it’s initial phase, since the registered blogs and media are fairly new. This thug is also related to Cilia Flores (Venezuela’s First “Lady”)aunt of the two drug dealers currently on trial in the US.

This is the initial link that led me to investigate is

Domains and Blogs Registered on the same period of time

Despite there isn’t much content yet, I presume it’s a new client and the profile of this individual is in accordance with the rest of the client list.

b) Mauro Libi Crestani: Director of Banplus accused of creating dummy companies in order to obtain US$ through CADIVI at the official exchange rate, to sell them illegally at the inflated (1500%) black market rate.

Just doing a simple search on the seminal blogs of MásQueDigital one can see the pattern repeats itself in an infinite loop.

Notiglobo’s SERP’s on Mauro Libi Crestani

CEOVENEZUELA’s SERP’s on Mauro Libi Crestani

This case needs no further evidence to be brought, but if you dig enough you will find more of these rubbish results in Google.

c) Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares: Venezuelan pilot involved in drug trafficking, also with docens of bogus posts published in the content farm of the company.

Here is a link to his pending deeds with American justice and the screen capture of Google’s SERPs.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares on Notiglobo

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares on CEOVENEZUELA

d) Carmelo De Grazia: Another Venezuelan crook that stole over 300.000.000 US$ in the CADIVI scam scheme mysteriously with the same content pattern as in the previous cases. Attached the results.

Carmelo de Grazia Cápsula Informativa SERPs
Carmelo de Grazia Notiglobo SERPs

e) Ivan Moreno Plaza: Involved directly in a 600.000.000 US$ corruption scheme with former Venezuelan Minister of Health, this sleazy individual is another alleged client of MásQueDigital, after googling his name under the Notiglobo and other affiliated sites this is what comes up, and once again the repetitiveness of the content is visible. Also it can be checked that his TLDs under both versions of his name were created on the same day, and they present the garbage results
Ivan Moreno Plaza’s Notiglobo Results

f) Jorge Hernández Fernández: President of the Guaros de Lara Basketball team, his brother Tulio Hernández is accused of money laundering in the recent Andorra scam and closely related to high ranking Venezuelan government officials. Also husband of María de los Ángeles González Hernández in the ex Bandes CEO that was processed for a money laundering scheme back in 2008.
Jorge Hernandez Fernandez in El Concreto

Jorge Hernandez Fernandez in Notiglobo

These results complement the initial investigation started by Boyd and Bodzin a couple of years ago. I hope they useful so the new Venezuelan Congress in order to prosecute these white (or red) collar thugs.

MasquedigitalAlek BoydSteven Bodzin

Ver Artículo original AQUI

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